The M Family | Kansas City Family Photographer

Tiffany and I met in college on a summer trip. We rode the entire way to Florida together in a car, and I remember her telling me she hoped to have a family someday. So when she asked me to take their family photos last fall, I was so excited. Having the chance to photograph this sweet friend living her dream - loving the family she dreamed of but didn’t yet know back when we were in college - was an honor! Here’s a peek into our evening.

5 Years!

While I was in college, I often asked my husband (boyfriend at the time) why I was in college, because all I really wanted to do was be a photographer and a mom. But becoming a photographer had many hurdles, the biggest of which was fear. I saw many photographers whose images I adored popping up on my Facebook feed, and I was embarrassed that I wasn’t as good as them right away. So I tucked my camera and my dream away.

But a few years later, I felt God start stirring that dream in my heart again. I took some classes at the Kansas City Art Institute, and families began asking me if I could take their pictures that fall. I was super intimidated. To expose myself and my abilities (or lack thereof, I feared). But it was a step of faith I felt led to take, so I did.

At the time we didn't have kids. I barely knew how to interact with kids and, quite honestly, felt pretty awkward doing so. Working full-time, I fit sessions and editing into the evenings and weekends. Now, 5 years, 2 kids of my own, many more classes and many families photographed later, I am completely humbled and grateful for where this journey has taken me and my family. I have grown to love interacting with kids and doing whatever I can to capture their true personality in my photos. And I’ve discovered one of my favorite things is watching a family grow from year to year and getting to know them during their sessions.

I can see now why God planted this dream in my heart many years ago. Photographing the beauty of family brings me so much joy. Life is full of fleeting moments, and often looking back at those can bring comfort and sweet memories. Whether it’s something about the age of a child (squishy fingers and toes, the way they wrinkle their nose when they laugh) or a once-in-a-lifetime event, I love capturing moments that families can hold onto and treasure for a lifetime.

This hasn’t just been me making this happen either. My husband, Andrew, has always believed in me more than I believe in myself. He has never questioned this dream, never doubted my abilities and has encouraged me often. He takes care of our boys while I go to sessions, does the behind-the-scenes technical stuff (that makes my head spin), manages the financial side of our business. Without him, Becca Blackburn Photography would never have been possible.

So here’s a little look back over the last 5 years. I wish I could highlight each amazing family I’ve met, but I think that’d be an extremely long post. So I’ll leave a few highlights here. Thank you to each family who has trusted me to step into your lives and photograph you with your loved ones. It’s such a privilege and honor.

Newborn: Baby W | Kansas City Family Photographer

Meet Baby W! I had the privilege of photographing his birth, so getting to see him two weeks later for his newborn session was a treat. He was awake and alert most of the time, and he is just precious! His parents love him fiercely. The three of them are a beautiful family together.