Why Birth Photography

I've always loved taking pictures. One of my favorite things about it is the ability to freeze a moment in time, then later looking back at that photo and remembering it. The emotions, the feelings, the smells, the touch, the joy, the event of the day.

Last October, I gave birth to our first child. Leading up to his birth was quite a journey for my husband and me. Getting pregnant didn't happen right away like we'd hoped. It took months of trying, praying, waiting and feeling like our struggle would never end. Once we were pregnant, it was a new journey — one filled with fears that something might go wrong. Doubt that my body could do this and fear that we'd lose the little life growing inside. Our faith grew a lot during those nine months.

Then, on a Monday morning in October, our time had come to meet our little one face-to-face. Of course, photos were a must for me. That morning was a blur. It went so slow but so fast at the same time. After what (thankfully) was a fairly short (but intense!) labor, it was finally time for us to meet our little man. As the doctor held him up for us to see for the very first time, I experienced a sense of joy unlike anything I'd felt before. Tears ran down my cheeks and my heart was full. We made it. He was here and he was healthy. God was faithful. He was ours.

I have a picture of that exact moment I saw him. Our "first look." Every time I see it, my heart wells up again. I am reminded that God is faithful. I feel that joy again. And I remember that moment vividly. I also remember the sweet, tender moments that followed. Him grabbing onto my hand immediately and not letting go. My husband holding him for the first time and beaming with such pride. And the tiny, fresh features of his body that we adored that day but that changed so quickly.

Ever since, I've had a desire to provide other families with photos like these. Telling their unique stories and helping them freeze those moments in time. Last week I had my first opportunity to photograph a birth, and it was beautiful. I can't wait to share it with you soon. In those photos I captured love, joy, pain, accomplishment, and the first tender moments between parents and their child. It was truly an honor to be in the delivery room with this family. 

If you're expecting a baby soon (congratulations!) and are interested in birth photography, I'd be honored to capture your day for you. No, I don't take photos of the gross stuff. Honestly, I'd prefer not to look "down there" either. I am focused on your faces and the details that make the day yours. I'm telling your story so that once the day is over, you can relive it again and remember parts that may have slipped your memory. Because days like that are ones that make you wish you could stop the clock or make time go in slow motion. But since that doesn't seem to be possible, I would be honored if you'd trust me to photograph it for you so that once it's over, you can walk through it again and again and celebrate every wonderful moment.

Here are a few photos from our special day. If you're interested in birth photos or a Fresh 48 session (photos of you and your baby within the first 48 hours after birth but not in the actual delivery room), feel free to contact me. I'd love to talk with you!