Wedding: Kevin & Allie

Kevin and Allie’s wedding day was magical, but that wasn’t a surprise to me. I kind of expected that it would be.  As I met with them shortly before their big day, Allie said that a lot of people were suggesting they get big tents for the reception since it was going to be outside in late-June. She said she'd decided against that because she wanted to dance with Kevin under the stars. That comment gave me a glimpse of their desire to have a magical day, and it was just that.

Allie’s dress looked like it was from a fairy tale. She was stunning. Her bridesmaids gushed over her as she put it on, and Kevin’s reaction during their first look was so sweet. Throughout the day, the two of them were so relaxed, and it wasn’t unusual to catch them laughing together and having their own sweet moments.

And the details. Wow! My second shooter (Michelle of Michelle Gould Photography) and I were admiring the decorations the entire day. Besides that, Kevin and Allie added so many meaningful details to their day. Here are just a few examples:

• The benches guests sat on during the ceremony were made from real trees with a saw mill built by Allie’s family.

• Allie’s veil was her mom’s from when she and Allie’s dad were married.

• During the ceremony they planted a tree together with soil from each of their parents’ homes to symbolize starting a home of their own.

• They each wrote their own vows, and they were so genuine. I was most definitely tearing up as they made such heartfelt promises to one another.

• The cake at their reception was a replica of Allie’s parents’ wedding cake, which had been designed by Allie’s grandma.

• Allie’s brother gave a toast and presented a gift from their families — a two-seated adirondack chair made with wood from the area they got married in.

As I got to know Kevin and Allie, I learned that they loved to dance together. As the sun was setting and the golden light was shining through the trees, I couldn't help but ask them to dance together in front of the camera. As they danced, step by step, hand in hand, under the setting sun, it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Congratulations, Kevin and Allie! You're going to love dancing through life together, one step at a time.