Baby's First Year: Baby M

Things change a lot in a year. Especially when that year is spent watching your newborn grow into a toddler. Each month (or even week!) brings something new, and those once tiny, wrinkly fingers and toes are soon not so tiny anymore. A love blooms unlike anything you've ever felt before, and each stage brings new challenges, joys and memories. This is why I love Baby's First Year packages. Every three months we get together, and every time the baby is in a completely different stage than he was in the previous session. Capturing those fleeting moments so parents can hold onto them once they've quickly passed is my joy.

Baby M was the first baby (besides my own) to complete a Baby's First Year package. And, I'll admit, I'm not sure what I'm going to do not getting to see him every three months! So much about him has stayed the same since day one, especially that hair! But so much has changed too. And watching him and his parents grow in relationship with each other has been so much fun. So here it is, a look back at his first year and his first birthday session! Happy first birthday, buddy! Your smile is seriously contagious!

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