Extended Family: The S Family | Kansas City Family Photographer

When Kathy asked me to photograph her family when they were all together for Thanksgiving this year, I was so excited! Kathy is the coordinator of the MOPS group I'm in, and I've learned so much from her about making my faith a part of life as a mom. So getting the chance to meet her daughters and their families was a treat! Watching them together was so fun — I didn't have to do anything to get them to smile, laugh and have fun. It was a natural, common thing for them. It was easy to see that they all cherished their time together. Since they live in different states and their time together is more limited, getting to capture a bit of that for them was truly an honor! And how sweet are Kathy and her husband together? This session was just days before their anniversary, and watching the way they love each other and still laugh together was awesome. Here are some favorites from their session.

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