The M Family | Kansas City Family Photographer

Tiffany and I met in college on a summer trip. We rode the entire way to Florida together in a car, and I remember her telling me she hoped to have a family someday. So when she asked me to take their family photos last fall, I was so excited. Having the chance to photograph this sweet friend living her dream - loving the family she dreamed of but didn’t yet know back when we were in college - was an honor! Here’s a peek into our evening.

The H Family | Kansas City Family Photographer

I had never met the H family before our session, but by the end I just wanted to keep hanging out with them. They were such a fun family! We started our evening with typical family portraits and ended with a dance party with lots of laughter and snuggling in between. And we had the most beautiful sunlight. What started as a cloudy evening turned into one of the most beautiful nights I've seen in a long time. Here are some favorites from the H family's session!

h family-33.jpg
h family-21.jpg
h family-11.jpg
h family-16.jpg
h family-29.jpg
h family-7.jpg
h family-19.jpg
h family-17.jpg
h family-10.jpg
h family-20.jpg
h family-15.jpg
h family-12.jpg
h family-13.jpg
h family-26.jpg
h family-28.jpg
h family-34.jpg
h family-35.jpg
h family-31.jpg
h family-32.jpg
h family-30.jpg
h family-27.jpg
h family-24.jpg

Extended Family: The R Family | Kansas City Family Photographer

Growing up, the R family was like a second family to me. They've always loved to laugh and have a good time together, and so doing a session with them was so much fun! Happy 40th anniversary, Steve and Karen! It's so neat to see what began with the two of you 40 years ago is now a beautiful family who loves being together!

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