The H Family | Kansas City Family Photographer

I had never met the H family before our session, but by the end I just wanted to keep hanging out with them. They were such a fun family! We started our evening with typical family portraits and ended with a dance party with lots of laughter and snuggling in between. And we had the most beautiful sunlight. What started as a cloudy evening turned into one of the most beautiful nights I've seen in a long time. Here are some favorites from the H family's session!

h family-33.jpg
h family-21.jpg
h family-11.jpg
h family-16.jpg
h family-29.jpg
h family-7.jpg
h family-19.jpg
h family-17.jpg
h family-10.jpg
h family-20.jpg
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h family-34.jpg
h family-35.jpg
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h family-24.jpg

Baby S: 6 Months

Here are some favorites from this sweet girl's 6-month session! We ended with a bubble bath, because she loves bath time right now! 

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MOPS Mini Sessions | Kansas City Family Photographer

Since joining my MOPS group 3 years ago, I have never regretted my decision. Every time I meet with this group, I am encouraged, I laugh, I get a few hours of refreshment as wonderful childcare workers watch my kiddos. It is such a blessing to me and my family. This year, I had the chance to do two nights of mini sessions as a fundraiser for our group. Here’s a peek at the two evenings with these beautiful families! 

Family: The G Family | KC Family Photographer

Oh my goodness, this family was so fun. As I started with photos of families individually, I had the two sisters snuggle and nuzzle noses. The giggles were precious. And their big brother is such a good big brother. I loved watching the three of them together! Not long after that, everyone else arrived. And watching the grandparents’ eyes light up when they were with their grandkids was amazing. The love among this family is obvious and our evening together was so fun! Take a peek!

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Extended Family: The O Family | Kansas City Family Photographer

When your family all lives in different states, the times you're together are extra special. And even this family loves to have fun together! I first met Mackenzie through working together on a project with the Kansas City Moms Blog. So when she asked me to photograph her family as they were together over Labor Day weekend, I was so excited! The cousins have a sweet bond, and they kept the session fun and exciting! Here are some favorites from this family's session.

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