APW: The West Bottoms

I recently had the chance to attend an Aspiring Photographers Workshop hosted by Chris of La Brisa Photography. And even though it meant getting up at 4:20 on a Sunday morning, it was totally worth it! Chris is passionate about creating community rather than competition among photographers, and he's a big reason for me being where I am in my photography journey today. And a big thanks to Whitney and Neil for waking up so early and being such a patient and fun couple for us to photograph! Here are a few shots from our sunrise session in the West Bottoms!

Proposal: Broc & Emily

Emily is a close friend of mine — we met our freshman year of college and have been friends ever since. Last spring she met this guy named Broc. As my husband and I had dinner with them shortly after they began dating, they shared with us how they met. She and Broc were both attending a party, and when he saw her on the "attending" list on Facebook, he knew he wanted to meet her. So, little did she know, he went to the party that night looking just for her. Not long after that, they started dating. As they shared this story with us, and as we double dated with them again in the coming months, the smile on Emily's face said it all. Broc worked hard to make her feel special and treasured, and she did.

Late this summer, Broc emailed and asked me if I'd be interested in photographing the moment he proposed to Emily. Without question, I emailed back and excitedly said YES!!! It was so neat to see the careful thought he put into each detail of that evening to make it something super special for Emily. 

Leading up to the proposal, Broc had told Emily he was out of town for the week on a work trip. So that Thursday evening, Emily thought she was going to a movie with friends while Broc was hopping on a plane to head back to KC. When her friends, Kari and Hailey, stopped by Heartland Community Church (Broc and Emily's church) to "pick something up" before the movie, she didn't think anything of it. But the minute she saw Broc waiting for her in the backyard, she said she knew what was happening and decided she was going to take it all in.

As he led up to the actual proposal, Broc shared with Emily some of the things about her that he loved. There were sweet moments and there were humorous ones, which is so fitting for their relationship. And the moment he proposed was perfect. I hid in the bushes (and could hardly contain myself because I was so excited!), and Emily had no idea I was there until afterwards when Broc revealed he'd gotten it all on camera so they could have photos of this night for years to come.

The joy on Emily's face that entire night was beautiful. Both she and Broc were beaming with excitement — their love story a testament of God's faithfulness in each of their lives.

Following the proposal, Broc had invited several close friends to a nearby park to celebrate. Enjoy some of my favorite images from their magical evening together! Congratulations, Broc and Emily, and thank you SO much for trusting me to capture such a special moment for the two of you!

Planning a special event? I'd love to help you savor the moment for years to come. Please contact me if you're interested in having me photograph your event. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences are some of my favorite things to capture with my camera!